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Welcome to the CLIMETA LITE PAPER. This paper was last updated on 2nd Oct 2023. Read our disclaimer here.


As humanity evolves, our natural and digital worlds are diverging.

CLIMETA is a project with a mission to reconnect these worlds, conserve nature and help prevent climate disaster without disrupting our digital lives.

We are standing at one of the most significant junctions of human history:

Look to one side and you’ll see a planet badly struggling with the sheer weight of human consumption and the destruction and pollution that brings.  

Look to the other side and you’ll see a technological revolution in Web3 that is poised to reshape every aspect of our lives, from finance and commerce to gaming, entertainment and the way we interact with each other.  This transformation is set for rapid growth in the coming decade. 

If we are going to repair and protect the natural world, then we need to positively shape the Web3 revolution.

Across the world, there are remarkable conservation projects and organisations tirelessly working to protect our natural environment. However, they aspire to achieve even greater impact. To accomplish this, they urgently need a substantial increase in funding to keep up with the pace of this environmental decline.

We're launching a movement designed to support these organisations and pave the way for a sustainable future. 

CLIMETA forges a connection between the digital Metaverse and the natural world by bringing together a global community and giving it the power to conserve nature and help prevent climate disaster.


CLIMETA is a revolutionary Web3 platform that partners with global brands to channel unrestricted capital to the world’s most effective conservation organisations and projects.


In its basic form, it’s a seven step model:

  1. People become members of CLIMETA by purchasing a Del Mundo Membership Token 
  2. Brands who want to do good for the planet, partner with CLIMETA and commit a percentage of their digital asset sales to the CLIMETA treasury. These are sent to CLIMETA and validated
  3. The capital is then split 90/10, with 90% going to the CLIMETA voting contract and 10% going to CLIMETA business operations and the development of the CLIMETA ecosystem
  4. Conservation organisations tell the community about the great work they are doing by uploading and presenting their pitches to the platform
  5. Members review pitches and vote for their favourite cause
  6. Once the vote closes, the smart contract automatically distributes the treasury proportionately, according to the vote,  to the conservation organisations for them to spend how they see fit
  7. The CLIMETA community members are then rewarded for voting


The Three Cornerstones of CLIMETA

1. Community

CLIMETA approaches this mission with optimism, positivity, and hope. Our primary goal is to ensure that anyone joining our community finds it enjoyable. After all, if we're striving to save the planet, why not have some fun along the way?

We understand that to motivate and engage our community we need to empower them and look after them.  Our community members will have an important role to play in the project and will be rewarded for their active participation. 

CLIMETA is a project that enables our members to make regular, meaningful decisions to preserve the Earth's ecosystems, all while seamlessly blending with their digital lives.

2. Nature

Conservation projects and organisations are facing a critical need for funding. There are two types of funding:

  • RESTRICTED - where the money must be used on specific or pre-determined projects.
  • UNRESTRICTED -  where organisations have the freedom to decide how and when to use the money most effectively. Evidence shows that unrestricted funds lead to higher impact projects in the long term. 

Corporate and large individual philanthropic donations are often restricted but, with CLIMETA they’re not, thanks to democratic community decision making.

CLIMETA provides UNRESTRICTED funding to conservation projects and organisations.

CLIMETA puts philanthropy into the hands of the people.

All the conservation projects have to do is persuade community members to vote for them through a balanced ‘pitch process’ that showcases their past, current and future good work. If these organisations seek additional funding, they must reconnect with the CLIMETA community, explaining why they need further money and how it will make a difference.  Once they secure the funding, they have the freedom to use it as they see fit.

3. Brands

It's easy to see brands as big impersonal entities, but it's essential to remember that corporations are made up of people just like us.

Preserving our planet is a cause that unites us all - there are no exceptions. 

CLIMETA collaborates with forward-thinking brands committed to protecting and restoring our planet and paving the way for future generations. We partner with brands in the Web3 space who accept cryptocurrency payments for both digital and real-world goods and services. We provide them with a transparent and dynamic path to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.

CLIMETA offers a solution for brands and their digital Business Units. We collect a small percentage of their cryptocurrency revenue and direct it to validated conservation projects. The CLIMETA community members share the responsibility with brand contributors by participating in the review and selection of organisations and projects through a smart-contract-based voting system. This empowers a purpose-driven community to make democratic decisions, providing brands with a consumer-focused and balanced way to contribute to the protection of our natural environment.

People Power

Community is the most important element of CLIMETA.  CLIMETA thrives on the collective strength of participation. Without participation, none of this will be possible. 

So, how do we ensure everyone remains engaged and actively involved?

First, as our platform grows, it empowers individuals even more - together we’re greater than the sum of our parts.

As our treasury expands, each member’s role gains significance because each vote contributes to the distribution of treasury funds to Conservation Projects and Organisations, directly impacting their work on the ground. The larger the CLIMETA treasury, the more influential each vote becomes and the more impact it has where it matters.

We all aspire to be agents of positive change, to be helpful rather than helpless, and we aim to make this experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

To achieve this, we're developing tools that grant our members not only the power to make a positive impact on global conservation but also, through the CLIMETA membership NFT tokens, provide them with:

  • Membership to the CLIMETA platform, community and exclusive marketplace.
  • The right to vote and have a say.
  • Amplified power, as the destiny of corporate funds is in their hands.
  • Reward tokens to redeem on-platform for digital goods and services.


At the heart of CLIMETA lies the essence of artistic expression and collaboration. We firmly believe that art, in its myriad forms, has the power to bring people together.

We're teaming up with creators, brands, projects, and notable figures from art, music, fashion, sports, and gaming. Together, we will provide our community with a diverse array of unique events, products, and rewards.

Announcements on collaborations coming soon.



Why Web3 and Blockchain?

We're fortunate to be living in a moment where we can witness the emergence of a new technology. This technology equips us with the tools and a global infrastructure to connect, empower, and support each of our core values, as well as our partners values, in an entirely transparent and auditable manner - globally.

Blockchain, with its decentralised trust-building capabilities rooted in open and immutable code, plays a vital role here. We harness these blockchain features to offer transparency and security, fostering trust among all our users – whether they are brands, community members, or conservation projects. Trust is essentially woven into every aspect of our operations.

Thanks to the transparent nature of the blockchain, we can trace the journey of all funds raised and distributed through CLIMETA, as well as monitor all platform activities. All of this information will be permanently available for public scrutiny.

The environmental impact of blockchain has been significantly reduced by the move to proof of stake by Ethereum and other layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.

We're extending these environmental considerations beyond blockchain choice. Our entire codebase and hosting will adhere to the same eco-friendly principles. We'll select hosting providers with net-zero data centres, make these decisions transparent, and continually assess our technological footprint to ensure we're part of the solution, not the problem.

In addition to transparency, the Metaverse and Web3 empower CLIMETA to connect its global community, transcending real-world constraints and geopolitical boundaries. Together, we can make a faster and more substantial impact on preserving our planet.

Finally, the galvanising nature of Web3-for-good alongside the open-source nature of the technology allows for a rapid scaling of this vision.


Del Mundos

D3l Mundo

Membership token (NFT)

Voting token

Marketplace access



Awarded for engagement

Utility token

Redeemable within platform

CLIMETA takes advantage of blockchain technology in multiple ways. We use tokens for both access and rewards and smart contracts to provide clarity and transparency to all our participants. Trust comes from openness which this all provides.

The core token of CLIMETA is the Del Mundo token. This is an NFT ERC721 token and provides membership rights to the platform. Ownership of a Del Mundo token is required to access the application and marketplace and to participate in voting where each token grants a single vote.

The fourth founder of CLIMETA is Ray Del Mundo, a metaverse character who is the first of these NFTs. The number of additional unique Del Mundo Membership tokens will be limited at launch. This will ensure that Ray can grow the CLIMETA community in a sustainable way. Multiple Del Mundo tokens can be owned by a single wallet but this will be limited to 20 per wallet at launch to ensure we have as many unique individuals involved in the platform as possible. 

We will be releasing different tranches of membership Del Mundo tokens to increase membership over time. 

Once purchased, the Del Mundo holder (now a CLIMETA member) will be able to access the full application and learn all about the conservation organisations and projects and browse the marketplace, which will have exclusive assets from our brand partners and from friends of CLIMETA and Ray.

Good activity on the platform by members is rewarded by RAY himself by the giving of RAYWARDS tokens. These are ERC20 tokens with a fixed supply. RAY himself will have a large allocation to distribute, and he will ensure that he always has tokens to give out as rewards. These will be gifted to the ERC721 membership token that performed the action, not the owning wallet. Voting and survey participation are the initial activities to be rewarded as well as actions which ensure the stability and longevity of CLIMETA and its tokens.

RAYWARDS unlock the ability to acquire exclusive items in the CLIMETA marketplace.

RAYWARDS exist to reward good behaviour in the CLIMETA ecosystem.

CLIMETA Structure

CLIMETA has intentionally been designed as a centralised ‘for profit’ business (rather than a DAO) with a focus on long term stability and sustainability in mind.

CLIMETA is a business with community power as its core principle.

90/10 Iceberg Business Model

We believe in keeping things simple. Our 90/10  ‘iceberg model’ simplifies the economics, making everything easy to manage and understand. Here's how it works:

  • 90% of partner brand revenues directed to the CLIMETA treasury are distributed to conservation projects and organizations via the smart contract controlled community voting mechanism.
  • The remaining 10% is allocated to CLIMETA the business to be spent on Operations and Development.

Our aim is mass adoption, and we have big ambitions for the future, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on preserving our planet. To achieve this, we intend to be competitive and we're assembling a team of ‘A players’ to maximise the platform's potential for the benefit of nature.

As a business, we intend to create profits for growth. The greater the growth, the greater the impact.

If CLIMETA and its community thrive then we believe this will become a game changer for People, Creatures and Planet.

Security & Funding Flow

Who controls the cryptocurrency flow? Simply put: it's the CODE.

Cryptocurrency distribution exclusively occurs through the smart contract voting mechanisms, and a validation smart wallet to ensure the donations are correct (else returned to sender). Our code is designed with security in mind so that once the process begins, only the vote affects distribution.

CLIMETA is designed to oversee the digital flow responsibly, efficiently, securely, and transparently. 

Every aspect of this flow will be visible and trackable on the blockchain. The code will be verified on-chain, audited and be publicly visible.

Our goal is to create a secure and trustworthy environment for everyone to collaborate and shape the future.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and viable offers of assistance through our Discord.


Nature is in trouble. The scale of the problem is HUGE. Our oceans, lands and forests are dying and yet there is a woeful gap in funding for conservation. Only 2.8% of the world’s terrestrial ecosystems are still intact, 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction; and 90% of the world’s fish stocks are overexploited. Globally, an additional 599 - 824 billion dollars per year is needed to conserve and restore nature. 

CLIMETA is on a quest to tackle this funding gap. 

Our mission is to harness the power of web3 to become the world’s largest conservation fund committed to unrestricted grants. We’re shooting for billions, not millions! 

This quest may sound audacious but time is running out for our planet. We believe we’ve found an elegant solution, so we’re giving it a go!

Who do we support?

We work with environmental organisations that have a proven track record of restoring nature. We are working globally with our initial priorities being marine life; forest resilience and life on land. 

Our conservation  partners are all verified leaders in restoring ecosystems, they are all committed to empowering and working in partnership with local communities, and they all have the institutional capacity to scale. Wherever possible, we are also prioritising projects that can reach indigenous communities - as lands under their protection tend to be twice as rich in biodiversity as those managed by non-indigenous groups.

How do we monitor impact? 

We are guided both by the Sustainable Development Goals indicator framework and the Science Based Targets Initiative

We’re  working  directly with our environmental partners to define the best ways of measuring their impact at granular level. As well as field data, we will be using remote sensing and GIS tools to track change.


We, the founders of CLIMETA, are a trio of old friends who grew up in the UK and forged strong bonds during the mid 90’s being teenagers, dancing in fields and spending too much time playing Super Mario Kart.

Then we grew up.

Our lives followed different geographical and career paths where we worked in the worlds of Media, Fashion, and Software Engineering.

But we reunited and decided to combine our diverse skills to try and make a positive impact on the world! 

Ben Ruddy - Chief Optimism Officer ( / CEO)

Ben started his working life in the snowboard, skate and surf industry.

In 2002 he joined the newly formed luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney where he worked for 19 years. Ben’s role was as Executive Director of Global Real Estate and Store Planning. In 2003 Ben implemented the brands’ first corporate sustainability initiatives including green energy contracts, carbon offset programs and recycling programs which lead to his set up of the sustainability department which he ran for over a decade. 

He left the business at the end of 2021 to hatch big CLIMETA plans!

Ben is a father of three kids and wants to leave this place better than he found it!

Charlie Leahy -  Chief Imagination Officer ( / CCO)

Charlie has spent over two decades working in the TV, Film and Advertising industries. 

He is one of the early pioneers of web2 brand-funded and social media content creation and has worked all over the world including the UK, Australia and the US. His advertising work with Ricky Gervais in 2015 earned him a Cannes Lion and eventually led him to Los Angeles where he founded the creative shop DBP Donut, alongside filmmakers The Duplass Brothers. At the start of 2020 he was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work with Disney before his rental property nearly burnt down in a wildfire - which helped to focus his mind even more on his goal to do something positive for the planet.

Matt Jenkins - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Matt has been developing software his whole life, from BBC micro games to global FX Trading systems. He has worked across various industries of increasing regulation, from Yahoo! in the web space to Roche Pharmaceuticals, culminating in a fascination with global financial systems since the world fell apart in 2008. He now runs Cloud Engineering at Deutsche Bank and is responsible for moving the bank's application estate to GCP.

RAY DEL MUNDO  - The 4th Founder

Multi-dimensional, former Metaverse inhabitant, free thinker; author of 'Why Do We Have Windows?" and "What is Strategy? No Seriously What Is It?" 

Wakes up at 4am, just before he goes to bed and thinks about leadership, wellness, orbs, dragons and drumming circles. Came through the Vortex to help save the World, but fun at parties too.  Currently on a speaking tour. Talks about:  acorns, squirrels, climate, folk music.

What we believe

Together we have developed a concept that we genuinely believe in. If executed correctly we’re confident it can benefit the world. It's an ambitious endeavour, but we're convinced that the timing couldn't be better. If we can inspire you with the possibilities and build a strong community around our cause, we see CLIMETA making a significant global impact on nature.

With support from both brands and our community, we have the potential to become the world's largest source of unrestricted funding for conservation organisations.

As founders, we recognise that CLIMETA can't achieve greatness without the support of exceptional individuals. That's why we're partnering with talented and passionate people, some of the finest minds out there, to unlock the full and potent potential of this mission.

Collaboration is in our nature, and we firmly believe that it's only by working together with people that we can achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

If you believe you can contribute and add value to this project, we'd be thrilled to hear from you through our Discord.

"Find your inner flying carpet, and ride it through the stardust of impossibility.”
- Ray Del Mundo, 2023 #WAYOFRAY

This litepaper has been drafted as a non-binding thought piece regarding a potential future project which may involve “del mundo” and “raywards” tokens (the “tokens”) involve CLIMETA tokens (the “tokens”). Please note that tokens have yet to be developed, and their functionality may differ, and be completely different from, that set out in this litepaper.

In the absence of fraud: (I) no person shall be liable for any reliance placed by a (potential) purchaser on this litepaper, and no responsibility is assumed for any information being incomplete, inaccurate, misleading or out of date; (ii) any forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and are in no way guaranteed; and (iii) to the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions, warranties and other terms which might be implied by statute, common law or the law of equity and any such liability are expressly excluded.  

This litepaper shall not constitute any obligation to make any tokens available to any person, nor that any purchase of tokens should be on any particular terms. Any potential acquisition of tokens will be on the terms of a separate agreement, and they are provided solely on the terms of that agreement. Nothing in this litepaper should be read as creating any obligation or expectation, express or implied, as regarding how tokens should operate or function. Please note that capital is at risk if you make any acquisition of tokens.

If any person in receipt of this litepaper is in any doubt about whether or not an acquisition of tokens is compatible with their individual circumstances or needs they should seek professional advice prior to making an acquisition. Participating in tokens carries substantial risk and purchasers may incur substantial losses (including loss of all funds invested).