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Our mission is to harness the power of Web3 and emerging technology to become a world leader in global conservation funding.


We are at a turning point in human history.

Our natural ecosystems are being destroyed leading to the decline of our planet’s biodiversity, one of our key weapons in the battle against global warming.

There are conservation projects and organisations around the world doing amazing work but they require significantly more funding to allow them to keep pace with this decline.

They need a solution!

CLIMETA offers a solution by bringing together a global community and giving it the power to conserve nature and help prevent climate disaster.

How it works


You become a CLIMETA member by purchasing a Del Mundo membership token.


Brands, who want to do good for the planet, partner with CLIMETA and commit a percentage of their digital asset sales to the CLIMETA treasury.


Conservation projects tell our community about the great work they are doing.


You then vote for your favourite project.


The CLIMETA treasury is then distributed to the projects, via a smart contract and proportionally according to the community votes.


You, the members, are then rewarded for your decisions with our RAYWARD tokens that you can use to make purchases in our members-only marketplace.


We have two tokens.

Del Mundos

D3l Mundo

Membership token (NFT)

Voting token

Marketplace access



Awarded for engagement

Utility token

Redeemable within platform

Our tokens will be launching imminently. Check out more about how they work.

Launching soon

Our goal is simple: to become the go-to hub for conservation fundraising in the world.

We want to show how this emerging technology can be used for good, benefiting brands that care, conservation projects that need support, and of course, the awesome CLIMETA community that's passionate about using this technology to make a difference.

We’d love you to join us on this mission that paves the way for a sustainable future and forges a connection between the digital Metaverse and our natural world.

Apply to get a place on our white list as we get ready for launch.

Make your world better

Lite Paper

Read our lite paper to understand more about our mission and how the CLIMETA ecosystem works.


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